Manufacturing and investment opportunities are available at both ORTIA Precinct 2 and the Springs Precinct. Both locations present advantages for investors looking to manufacture and export to the African continent, or even globally.

Opportunities for investment in the following sectors are available :

Pharmaceutical & Medical Products

South Africa has established systems, supply chains and regulatory processes that support the production of pharmaceutical and medical device products, making it the largest and most advanced location in sub-Saharan Africa.  With disruptions to the Global Value Chain and continental opportunities existing in the pharma and medical cluster, the pharma and medical industry is set to continue expanding in Africa.

ORTIA Precinct 2 is well located for the production and export of these products to other parts of the African continent, ensuring access to benefits resultant from the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement (AcFTA).


South Africa distinguishes itself as being one of a few net processed food-exporting countries globally.  The country has a market-oriented agricultural economy that is highly diversified and includes the production of all the major grains (except rice), oilseeds, deciduous and subtropical fruits, sugar, citrus, wine and most vegetables.

ORTIA Precinct 2 is strategically located close to OR Tambo International Airport, offering proximity to value-add activities that support the processing of fresh food products for exports.

In addition, ORTIA Precinct 2 is conveniently located for agri-tech activities; these include cold storage and life span extension activities central to fresh food processing as well as in-door vertical farming solutions that would benefit from proximity to air cargo.

Electronic Components

South Africa has a well-established electronics manufacturing sector, with firms in the sector having a good cultural fit and similar timelines with European firms. In addition, South Africa complies with TRIPS (Trade Related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights), an international agreement in which it participates as a developed country.

A pioneer in the development of security systems, vehicle components and robotics for leading automotive firms, the country is well-established in the global market. 

ORTIA Precinct 2’s location in Gauteng province coupled with its proximity to the province’s innovation capabilities make the Precinct ideal for the production and movement of goods, either by air or even Road.


Africa’s e-commerce landscape is growing, with more players entering this global industry. With increased e-payment innovations, technical security and as a result of Covid 19, new approaches to retail and trade are being effected. Without a doubt,  the world will continue to see growth in this sector.

Given its location, ORTIA Precinct 2 is suitable for the promotion of e-services. These include e-retail commerce and digital services such as data storage.


ORTIA Precinct 2 presents opportunities for investors in the jewellery, diamond and mineral beneficiation sector that are looking to beneficiate minerals mined in Africa for the export market.

In support of the successful cluster established at ORTIA Precinct 1, the location is close to all key role players supporting the South African mineral beneficiation sector.

In addition to proximity to the established cluster, locating at ORTIA Precinct 2 ensures ease of access to air cargo, ensuring the quick movement of high value goods to the airport apron for export.

Industrial Infrastructure

In addition to manufacturing, opportunities exist for collaboration in the capital build programme of the SEZ. This forms part of the GIDZ’s objective to work with private sector in the development of globally competitive infrastructure that enhances industrialisation of the Gauteng City Region, whilst also providing a basis for an enhanced returns for business and the economy in general.

Hydrogen and fuel cells products

South Africa is a major producer of the Platinum Groups Metals (PGMs), accounting  for approximately 75% of the world’s platinum supply,  40% of the world’s palladium production and 81% of the  world’s rhodium supply.

Due to their unique chemical composition, PGMs have various applications ranging from medical to industrial; therefore market opportunities are vast.

With the global transition in the energy sector from fossil fuels to zero-carbon emission energies such as hydrogen, PGMs are also set to play a crucial role in the development of hydrogen energy solutions.

Due to its competitive location next  to a Platinum Refinery, the Springs Precinct is an excellent base for the manufacturing of hydrogen, fuel cells and broader PGM products for export to regional and global markets.

Capital and mining equipment

The province of Gauteng hosts many players in the capital and mining equipment industry; with at least 48% of the province’s machinery and equipment production located in the region where the Springs Precinct is located.

The Springs Precinct is competitively located to drive production and export of capital, mining and transport equipment components to other parts of the Continent – either by Air or even through higher order roads leading to the southern African market.

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